ElevateHER is an initiative to better the future of the AEC industry. Founded by the Zweig Group, it is a commitment to embrace, promote, and ensure equal opportunities for everyone in the AEC industry regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

Inaugurated in 2020, the ElevateHER Symposium returns for a second year. The 2021 ElevateHER cohort is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds in the AEC industry. Project teams have worked over the past six months on unique solutions to combat the obstacles to diverse employee recruitment and retention in the industry.

The ElevateHER Symposium will take place within the Virtual ElevateAEC Conference, so register for this event and gain access to the ElevateHER Symposium and other great learning sessions! 

The Revealing Data

Our free presentation discusses the challenges facing underrepresented demographics in the AEC industry and how our initiative and goals hope to address those. Download via the link to get started!

2021 ElevateHER Guest Speakers

2021 ElevateHER Cohort Members

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